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Scottsdale, AZ, 85253
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Elegant shop offering house-designed, one-of-a-kind gemstone and diamond jewelry, plus timepieces.


Oliver's watch and jewlery blog with the latest news and thoughts on the happenings in the industry, new products and more. 

Thoughts from the Desk of Oliver Smith

Nikki Ollive

When I was young growing up on a farm in Eastern Pennsylvania my Mother ran the house!  She had some great one liners, and with 5 kids it was hard to get in more than that....

  • There's more than one way to skin a cat
  • It hasn't killed you yet
  • Anything you get from me would be an improvement
  • It's only money
  • Shut the door, you're heating up the entire town
  • Looked like death warmed over
  • Can't never did a thing
  • I have a match but she's in Hollywood
  • Show your leadership

Happy Mother's Day to all of our FIRST CLASS MOMS!

My brother Leidy and my Mother celebrating her 90th birthday last month.

My brother Leidy and my Mother celebrating her 90th birthday last month.

In other news; my shopping center is filling up! Word is they are putting a Sprouts in the shopping center, right next to me! Smack dab in the middle of the center. What do you think about that? The world is changing and big shopping centers need to adapt. 

Consumer confidence is the highest since 2004.

Congrats to NDP (Notre Dame Prep) for beating Brophy in State Lacrosse championship.

LaVar Ball pushing $495 sneakers for his brand! What is he thinking?

Dbacks are starting off strong! Go DBacks!

Final Four was a blast in the valley last month. The Ducks made it to the Saturday game but were beat by the Tar Heels. Tripp's frat brothers piled in their cars and drove in from the coast. Aimee and I had 9 boys staying at the house. 

This summer OSJ will be showing at the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry and Watch show at the LV Convention center from June 5th to the 8th. This is the best estate show in the west and a must for anyone that has a passion for the visual history of the jewelry industry.

 Are you interested in seeing your jewelry sold at this show? Give me a call!

Don't make the mistake of buying a FAKE watch from an online seller, come to us and buy everything certified. This month we have had 2 clients come to us with fake Panerai that they bought off the web. Be careful! 

Gold staying high! $1228/ounce. Still a good time to sell. Call Jodie and get on my schedule if you want to look into selling any jewelry you are no longer wearing. 

 Recently I bought the prettiest diamond! Read more about this gorgeous stone Here!

Our newest designs are up on the website! 

Click here to see my latest creations.



      Oliver Smith

Panerai Past to Present Retrospective

Nikki Ollive

Celebrating the upcoming release of Panerai's new Luminor Due collection, Oliver Smtih brought together a collection of astounding vintage and modern Panerai watches for the Panerai Past to present event, including a special appearance by Panerai's North American President Giovanni Carestia. 

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Watch Words September 2016

Nikki Ollive

It has been a big year so far for Panerai, with many exciting new models joining the collection and the upcoming release of the new Luminor Due case.
One of the standouts in this great lineup of new pieces is the PAM00658, a Luminor 1940 model with a dial featuring relief stripes, often called a 'tuxedo dial' by the Paneristi community. Textured dials are already a rarity in the Panerai collection, there are a few pieces that have used carbon fiber and a Paris Hobnail pattern, but the 'Tuxedo' dial is an exceptional piece even among these. Prior to the 658, the only watch in the collection to use this dial was the PAM00029, which saw production in the A and B series (1998 and 1999 respectively) with a limited edition as part of the M series in 2010

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