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Elegant shop offering house-designed, one-of-a-kind gemstone and diamond jewelry, plus timepieces.


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Watch Words October

Morganne Stewart

Hublot Broidere All Black

From the combination of rubber and gold that launched the brand in 1980, to the high tech metal alloys created today, Hublot has constantly made themselves synonymous with innovative materials. The new Big Bang Broiderie is a particularly special combination, fusing together two historical Swiss traditions, fine watchmaking and the stunning embroidery of the St. Gallen region of the country. The dial and bezel of this stunning watch feature embroidered tulle pressed into layers of carbon fiber creating a unique material with the durability of carbon fiber, and the beauty and delicacy of the most luxurious lace. Rounding out the design is a steel case set with sparkling black diamonds and a silk and rubber strap. This darkly romantic beauty is limited to only 200 pieces, and has to be seen to be believed!

Richard Mille Bubba Watson

Despite the number of professional golfers sponsored by watch brands, it is surprising how few fine timepieces are actually seen on the green. The stress of golfing can be hard on a mechanical watch's movement, and the weight of the watch can throw off a carefully calculated swing. Richard Mille, never one to shy from a challenge, has created a watch with the professional golfer in mind. The RM055, developed with renowned golfer Bubba Watson, is specifically designed to be lightweight and shock resistant. The watch's grade 5 titanium base plate and bridges have been reduced to a minimum. Held by shock absorbers, with a variable inertia balance wheel at its heart, this a mechanical movement that can perform reliably even when subjected to extreme G-forces. The white ATZ ceramic bezel and rubberized titanium case with Richard Mille's iconic rubber strap, gives this amazing piece of engineering a bold look. Next time you see Bubba Watson on the fairway be sure and look for his Richard Mille.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Meteorite

Little has captured the collective imagination as much as shooting stars: meteors burning out in our atmosphere as they descend to earth. Few of these extraterrestrial phenomena survive this perilous journey, instead ending billions of years of existence in a bright flash. But those that make it provide a stunning insight into the world beyond our own. Featuring an extraordinary dial cut from the Muonionalusta meteorite found in northern Sweden, the new Master Calendar from Jaeger-LeCoultre shows just how beautiful and unique each of these meteorites are. With an annual calendar, an apropos moon-phase complication, an 18 karat rose gold case, and an elegant brown alligator strap, this gorgeous timepieces is a small piece of eternity fallen from the sky.

If you have any interest in a particular watch please feel free to send me an email, or give me a call.  I hope you continue to enjoy our Watch Words.