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Watch Words September 2016

Nikki Ollive

Panerai PAM00658


It has been a big year so far for Panerai, with many exciting new models joining the collection and the upcoming release of the new Luminor Due case.
One of the standouts in this great lineup of new pieces is the PAM00658, a Luminor 1940 model with a dial featuring relief stripes, often called a 'tuxedo dial' by the Paneristi community. Textured dials are already a rarity in the Panerai collection, there are a few pieces that have used carbon fiber and a Paris Hobnail pattern, but the 'Tuxedo' dial is an exceptional piece even among these. Prior to the 658, the only watch in the collection to use this dial was the PAM00029, which saw production in the A and B series (1998 and 1999 respectively) with a limited edition as part of the M series in 2010. 

Aside from the uniqueness of the dial, its striped pattern in combination with the ecru Super-LumiNova, the assolutamente calf strap, and the overall styling of the 1940 case give this watch an exquisite vintage feel that sits perfectly between a sport and dress watch. This piece would look equally at home under the cuff of the tuxedo that lends its name to the dial, or with sleeves rolled up on your latest adventure.
Any Panerai enthusiast should also be aware the Oliver Smith Jeweler will be hosting a very special Panerai retrospective event in October, and should send an email to to inquire about receiving an invitation.


Hublot Big Bang Unico
White Ceramic Bracelet

A bracelet watch is probably not what comes to mind when thinking of an Hublot timepiece. Hublot made their mark with the first natural rubber watch strap, popularizing rubber straps on luxury watches. At first glance the Unico Big Bang with a bracelet might seem incongruous with the brand's history, but the constant quest for material and mechanical innovation that continues to drive Hublot makes these bracelet pieces feel right at home. While we have seen titanium and other combinations of materials on bracelets from Hublot last year, the newest iterations feature a combination ceramic and rubber bracelet to pair with the ceramic Unico watches. 

These bracelets feature the same quick-release system of the other Unico watches, (first released on the Ferrari editions) which allows the wearer to quickly change between bracelets or straps with a click of a button. The interesting use of rubber on the underside of the bracelet, (an Hublot watch cannot be entirely without their signature material), gives this piece a softer feel on the wrist than other bracelet watches. 

The Unico Big Bang watch itself is the same horological powerhouse that we have been introduced to previously, with a beautifully skeletonized movement, flyback chronograph and 72 hour power reserve. Visually this combination of white and black ceramic is bold, with the ceramic and rubber bracelet tapering elegantly from the case. The high contrast of materials adds power and presence to one of the most visually interesting pieces in the Hublot line-up.


Rose gold Rolex Oyster
Perpetual Day-Date


A Rolex watch is seen as one of the quintessential luxury items, a symbol of status on a level few other items are capable of matching. The enduring spotlight on the Rolex name as a mark of wealth and status has often overshadowed the true reason Rolex watches are such a mainstay of the industry: Rolex is responsible for many of the innovations in watchmaking that we now expect as standard from most wristwatches. 

Today we take for granted that almost any wristwatch will have a waterproof case, but Rolex pioneered the waterproof case, as well as being the first wristwatch to gain COSC certification, now a common industry standard. A Rolex is important not only as "the watch to be seen with", but also because of what the company has done for watchmaking. 

Currently gracing our estate case is a beautiful 18 karat rose gold Oyster Perpetual Day-Date, circa 2007. First introduced in 1956, the Day-Date was another standard setter from Rolex, being the first wristwatch to feature an automatically changing day and date on the dial. 

Of more stylistic importance, the Day-Date is only available in 18 karat gold and platinum. The piece we have in stock has a black dial with Arabic numerals, which look beautiful in the warmth of the rose gold. The 36mm case size of this watch makes it a perfect classically sized piece for men or a simple but elegant ladies piece, more subdued than the diamond and mother of pearl pieces that are often designed for her. 

This, and other used fine timepieces, are available for purchase online on our ebay site, or of course in our showroom as well.

Kind Regards, 
The Oliver Smith Watch Team

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