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8787 North Scottsdale Road Suite 116
Scottsdale, AZ, 85253
United States


Elegant shop offering house-designed, one-of-a-kind gemstone and diamond jewelry, plus timepieces.

Thoughts from the Desk of Oliver Smith October 2018


Oliver's watch and jewlery blog with the latest news and thoughts on the happenings in the industry, new products and more. 

Thoughts from the Desk of Oliver Smith October 2018

Nikki Ollive


This month marks my 6th Anniversary carrying Richard Mille watches. An amazing manufacture of precision timepieces. Check out their beautiful website at
The store remodel is finished. We were able to move things around to create better seating areas and freshen up the look. A big thanks to Veronique for her eye, and Jodie for running the logistics! 

seating area .jpeg

The estate department is really growing. George is doing a great job with the watches. We can purchase one or one hundred watches. I'm interested in your jewelry and diamonds too. Gold is still high at $1200/ounce. 


John McCain's passing was time to reflect on the character of men. It was nice to see someone get recognized for their civility.  
LeBron coming to the west coast is really going to make the Lakers impossible this year. Not that he really plays until April....  
Stephanie has been my model for the past five years, and Veronique and Nikki did a great job working with her to create this year's winter campaign. Here is a fantastic new picture you will see soon in a publication. 


If you signed a guy to a one year contract (Sam Bradford) to be your quarterback, paying him $20M for just one year with $15M guaranteed, it looks like you really are trying to make a successful team right? But then he loses the first three games and you pull you look like an idiot for paying him that much. It's a fickle game.  
Zero leadership at the City of Scottsdale right now. A few quick reasons...

Someone needs to come out and champion a $15M Desert Discovery Center, not $60M. The past bond elections have been a failure due to lack of leadership, now they want to raise the sales tax to pay for roads and infrastructure, which is usually covered by the property taxes (hence bond election), dumb idea. Sales tax increase will fail.  
Pew research says that now 1 in 6 people are married to someone of a different race or ethnicity. Awesome to see growth in this area! 
Ben, my watchmaker, is finally getting the recognition inside the industry that he richly deserves. The guy is an amazing watchmaker!


Kriess, furniture store from California, reopened in our shopping center this week. 
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Cool new Kunzite pendent. We have so many new pieces...come check them out!


Save the date for the Holiday party at OSJ! - Friday November 16th.  

Save the date for Cars and Cigars - Sunday December 16th. 

If you haven't been in a bike shop lately you have to stop in. There are so many cool models for all kinds of terrain. Also, the Tour de Scottsdale is this Sunday, the 7th of October. 
The new Due Panerai in 38mm makes a great gift idea for our female customers. Hint hint!