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8787 North Scottsdale Road Suite 116
Scottsdale, AZ, 85253
United States


Elegant shop offering house-designed, one-of-a-kind gemstone and diamond jewelry, plus timepieces.

3 Carat Total Studs

Diamond Studs

3 Carat Total Studs


3 Carat Total Studs


Diamond studs are a classic piece, and a must in any woman's wardrobe. Oliver has distilled his diamond stud selection into the best combination of color, cut, clarity and price. For diamond studs Oliver stocks SI clarity and G-I color, while not the highest grades available studs are never under the same scrutiny of an engagement center stone, and these grades are the perfect balance of looking beautiful and being a great value for the client. All of Oliver's diamond studs are 'triple excellent' with the highest cut, polish and symmetry grades on their GIA certifications, so you know they will sparkle beautifully. Each pair of stones is matched to look best with each other here at Oliver Smith, not simply by size or grade but by sparkle and scintillation patterns, and set in beautiful 14 karat white gold martini-style settings in house by Oliver's master goldsmiths.

  • 3.00-3.20 carats total
  • SI2 clarity
  • I color
  • GIA certified
  • Excellent cut
  • Excellent polish
  • Excellent symmetry
  • Hand matched 

Stones pictured are of the size and quality stated, but may not be the exact stones you receive. 

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Diamond Trade Up Policy

Oliver stands behind every pair of diamond studs he sells, so much so that he is willing to take them back in trade at any time for your full purchase price. He doesn't require a minimum upgrade on the new diamonds you pick up, even if they are only $1 more, we are happy to trade them in. 

  • Diamonds must be free from chips, scratches, abrasion and breaks
  • Diamonds must have been purchased from Oliver Smith
  • Original GIA certificates must be present
  • Diamonds sourced as a special order outside of Oliver's standard quality are ineligible for the full purchase price trade up
  • Any other diamonds or jewelry can be traded or sold with Oliver's approval, but no guarantee on offer price is made
  • All trades must be approved by Oliver Smith