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8787 North Scottsdale Road Suite 116
Scottsdale, AZ, 85253
United States


Elegant shop offering house-designed, one-of-a-kind gemstone and diamond jewelry, plus timepieces.


Browse through the comments below, and feel free to leave your own. Feedback is very important to us; our number one goal is to provide you with the best customer service possible so that we can build a lasting relationship. Online reviews can truly educate other customers about who we are and the services we offer. We look forward to your candid comments.

Browse through the comments below, and feel free to leave your own. Feedback is very important to us; our number one goal is to provide you with the best customer service possible so that we can build a lasting relationship. Online reviews can truly educate other customers about who we are and the services we offer. We look forward to your candid comments.

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I was extremely impressed buy the product knowledge...

I was extremely impressed by the product knowledge and professionalism of the staff at Oliver Smith Jeweler. Veronique was especially helpful. Teamed up with Oliver himself, the two of them were a dynamic sales force.

-Jon B.

world class people...

World class people selling world class watches at Oliver Smith. This was my second purchase & I will return.

-Herbert W.


Shop at Oliver's for the best and that is what you get. Innovated designs that please the recipient. Always great and friendly service.

-Ron G.


We always have the most amazing experience at Oliver Smith jewelers. The service is exceptionally personal and honest and we’ve always fallen in love with our purchases. We are so very lucky to have such a wonderful jeweler in a most beautiful setting. We will never go anywhere else to buy timepieces or jewelry.

-Frederick T.

There is simply no better place in all of the Valley...

There is simply no better place in all of the Valley to shop for fine jewelry and timepieces, than at Oliver Smith. Not only is the brand selection of the utmost quality, the custom designed pieces from Oliver himself make the store offerings that much more unique. 

The entire staff is very welcoming and sincerely happy to help no matter what you are looking for and many days Oliver will be right there on the sales floor helping to guide you to the piece you may be looking for. 

The unpretentious nature of Oliver Smith Jewelers while being surrounded by such a stellar collection of fine jewelry should make any discerning customer feel at home and that is why I always recommend Oliver's store to everyone I know.

- Brian K.

Bottom line message: Oliver Smith is a class act...

My watch needed to be serviced and I sought Oliver Smith because they were the nearest Authorized Dealer of my watch and has an in-house certified technician. 

Although I purchased my watch elsewhere, I brought it to them to be serviced. However, upon initial evaluation, they informed me that the watch model had a newer in-house mechanism which required servicing at the main U.S. service hub. This would result in a 4-week turnaround. I decided to leave it in their hands to process service request. 

From the moment I entered the store to the day I picked the watch back up the staff was nothing short of providing excellent customer service. They took the time to evaluate the watch, prepare the service order and shipping details, and update me through e-mail. They negotiated with the service center on my behalf to ensure that the work would be covered under warranty. 

Oliver Smith is a class act; truly extending themselves to the customer and reflecting the high-quality of their business.

- Ray C.

An exceptional experience...

I am writing to compliment you and your manager, Michelle Kim-Ma. Recently I visited your store in Gainey Village. It was a delightful and successful experience. My wife and I were greeted by a lovely young woman who referred us to Michelle for more detailed assistance. Michelle not only took car of a watchband for my IWC watch, but she knowledgeably answered all our questions and had the band installed while we waited. Of course we saw many beautiful jewelry items during our wait, but the warm atmosphere and Michelle's extra special help set this experience up as exceptional. The result is that when we shop for jewelry we will visit your store first, if not exclusively. Thank you for your beautiful store and the staff to make it shine so brightly.

- Pat D.

You OWE it to yourself...

You OWE it to yourself to visit this fine jeweler in the heart of North Scottsdale! You will be amazed at the selection of fine pieces in a beautiful warm inviting showroom. Michael is one of their repair guys and has an amazing wealth of knowledge about Panerai watches. 

We went in one Valentines to get me a cool Boho bracelet; now I own 5! Oliver designed these himself, as well as other collections, but they also carry many fine watch brands and designer jewelry. I guarantee you could spend hours here looking for that special something, because you'll find it...and more! Buy something of beauty and quality you will won't be disappointed and all your friends will ask "Where did you get that!?"

- Jan M.

Fantastic experience...

Fantastic experience at Oliver Smith Jewelers. Went to sell a few pieces of jewelry that I was never going to wear. The professionalism, and warm, welcoming atmosphere I received from all of the staff, including Oliver Smith himself, was priceless - very rare these days especially when visiting businesses in "Scottsdale".

- Melissa S.

Simply went in...

Simply went in to get a spring bar fixed on a watch I did not purchase from Oliver Smith. I only waited about five minutes, and the gentleman didn't even charge me for fixing my watch. Great people, great service. Will definitely come to Oliver Smith next time I am in the market for a new timepiece.

- Michael H.

I went in to Oliver Smith...

I went in to Oliver Smith Jewelry yesterday. I was approached by Oliver, himself, who came from behind the counter to shake my hand and greet me. I was pleasantly surprised, given that they offer some of the most beautiful, high end jewelry in town, and I was dressed rather low end, running errands for the day. I took with me my watch, which needed additional links attached and the clasp to be repaired, a ring that belonged to my great grandfather that was split in half, and a couple of rings my husband had purchased for me. Within about 10 minutes of his attention, Oliver solved all three "projects" informatively, attentively, and at no charge to me for the watch repair! He reviewed a range of solutions for the ring, which will be a gift to our son once it is repaired. I was astounded at how sensitive to price, in my favor, Oliver was. So appreciated the thoughtful insight! Thanks, Oliver!! We will be back with all of our future jewelry needs!

- Kim S.

Oliver Smith Jewelers is...

Oliver Smith Jewelers is an up-scale, fine jewelry store in North Scottsdale that stands for integrity and customer service of the highest standards. We were referred to Oliver by our insurance company and were extremely pleased with the service we received. 

His staff is friendly and courteous, and his store and merchandise are beautiful. We look forward to a long-standing relationship with Oliver Smith and his team for all of our future jewelry needs. As we found out the hard way, not all jewelry stores aim for 100% satisfaction in their customers. We feel lucky to have found Oliver Smith and recommend his store to everyone.

- Audrey H.

Oliver Smith and his team are so friendly!

Oliver Smith and his team are so friendly! 

I ran in to quickly pick something out for my step mom, knowing that Oliver Smith is her absolute favorite. I didn't have much to spend and probably looked like a deer in headlights trying to find something in my tiny budget for her. A nice man in jeans helped me pick out a charm for her necklace. He was so sweet and so fun to work with. 

As I was walking out I spotted that same friendly guy on a poster... Yes, it was Oliver Smith:). I had no idea who had been helping me. What a warm, fun, down-to-earth guy! 

When I went back to pick up the engraved charm, he remembered me and wanted to be sure I was happy with the end result. Seriously?! What other jeweler would remember someone other than the big spenders? :) 

For our 10 year anniversary, my cute husband went to Oliver Smith for my first pair of diamond earrings. :)  I would HIGHLY recommend Oliver Smith, for your once-in-a-lifetime purchases, and for anything else you're looking for.

- Britt M.

Truthfully, I have to force myself ...

Truthfully, I have to force myself not to go into Oliver Smith Jeweler. I cannot resist all of the gorgeous diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and timepieces. I love his line of interchangeable earring charms. It is just too difficult to leave without something wrapped up in one of those beautiful little brown boxes.

Several years ago, for a very special anniversary, my husband gave me an exquisite gift. He asked Oliver to custom design a new wedding ring for me. This ring makes me smile every time I look at it. Creative and original with beautiful craftsmanship, it is stunning. I receive complements on it every day.

My family trusts Oliver Smith for his competitive pricing, quality and ethical standards for the purchase, repair, and appraisal of our fine jewelry and timepieces. I enjoy working with associate, Veronique, who always suggest the perfect classic piece, either for myself or as a gift. Stop by Gainey Village and check out this wonderful jeweler!

- Laura W.

My fiance is not a fan of fancy engagement rings...

My fiance is not a fan of fancy engagement rings but I wanted her to have something spectacular that we would both love. Oliver and I went through a couple iterations of designing a custom ring and the result is absolutely breathtaking. My fiance gets rave comments on the ring wherever she goes - and is even asked if she is in the jewelry business. I couldn't be happier with the service and product I received at Oliver Smith Jewelers!

- Devon E.

This place is a GEM! 

This place is a GEM! Pun intended! No other cutsey journalism to follow, I promise. Here's my story....I was searching high & low for a jeweler to resize my gold diamond wedding ring & band and decided to stop by at Oliver Smith Jeweler upon a recommendation from a friend. This place was way beyond my expectations in every respect. Beautiful store, extremely pleasant people, very reasonable price for my resizing....When I came to pick my rings up a week later; I literally began to tear up when I saw my finished rings....they looked BRAND NEW. I could not believe they looked like this again, just as they had when my husband first gave them to me all those years ago! Oliver Smith will be my jeweler for life!"

- Anonymous

In purchasing a new timepiece...

In purchasing a new timepiece, I wanted to choose a place with a strong collection and great customer service. Oliver Smith has just that. Being a younger customer, I was delighted by the way I was treated in a respectable matter. Veronique, as well as Jodie went out of there way to help me and make me comfortable with my purchase. Their Panerai collection was unmatched compared to dealers in my area as well. Thank you Oliver Smith for helping me find the perfect timepiece. Very happy and will do business again!

- Adam T.

I receive so many compliments... 

I receive so many compliments on my jewelry now that I wear original designs by Oliver Smith Jeweler! The jewelry really helps me make an impression on people... there is something there for everyone, too! More traditional pieces, or unique pieces that are more my style. The staff is so wonderful and helpful and they are so welcoming when you walk in the store.

- Linda R.

Bought a new luxury watch...

Bought a new luxury watch recently from Oliver Smith. Have bought similar pieces at comparable boutiques in major east coast cities (typical Scottsdale story: we moved out here for the weather, among other things . . . ), and the service and pricing at OS is the best I have ever experienced -- better than what I personally have experienced at similar places in DC and NYC and better than what I experienced at the other major mens' watch vendors here in town. If you're buying mens' watches in particular, OS is the very best and most product-wise guy you'll ever find. Cannot recommend them highly enough.

- Anonymous

I found Oliver Smith by... 

I found Oliver Smith by simply wandering in there one day with a friend. I had no idea that I would be wandering into my choice jeweler for life!! I love this store. Their pieces are beautiful with just enough touch of originality to make them unique and still timeless classics!! Renee helped me the first Time I walked in and every time since! She is honest, reasonable and not pushy at all. No one in this store is! They all simply want you to love their jewelry as much as they do. Oliver himself is always on the floor and seems to know every customers name off hand and says hello to everyone who comes in. I cannot say enough good things about Oliver, and the whole staff at Oliver Smith. If you looking for a unique onetime gift or a go to jeweler for all your needs they will treat you like family at Oliver Smith!!!!"

- Laurel S.

Oliver Smith Jewelers is an excellent...

Oliver Smith Jewelers is an excellent local jewelery in the community. OSJ creates unique jewelry pieces, including the Boho bracelet, of which I have several. They are a wonderful fashion statement with various jewel options so price ranges from very reasonable on up the spectrum. Service is friendly and efficient. The watch selection is excellent and I love that they started carrying Hermes!

OSJ is also involved in the community and gives back in a variety of charitable ways, which I personally respect very much.

I highly recommend checking them out, conveniently located at the Gainey Shops."

- Renee P.

Being an "entry level" watch collector...

Being an "entry level" watch collector, I found Paul's experience and staggering knowledge to not only be fascinating but extremely helpful. Since I began my relationship with Oliver Smith Jewelers, I have purchased a Panerai and an IWC for my wife and hope to purchase many more. I have referred friends and peers to OSJ and thy have had amazing experiences as well. Its fantastic to see a locally owned and operated Jewelry store run with such passion and dedication to the art and the customer as OSj. Thanks Oliver! Keep up the great work!

- Erin O'Connor

My wife and I brought our rings to Oliver... 

My wife and I brought our rings to Oliver to have them appraised. We were treated with class and professionalism; and there's no jeweler in the state of Arizona that will provide the service and attention to detail that Oliver, Jodie and the rest of the staff will. The best way that we can put it: There's Oliver, and then there's The Rest. Just make the drive to Oliver Smith Jeweler- it'll be the BEST decision you will ever make with regard to the best in jewelry. The selection, the service, the class you'll be treated with- and all with a friendly and warm experience."

- Wendy & Leslie Browne

Great place for engagement rings. 

Great place for engagement rings. You can have them custom make or tweak an existing ring style. I had them make a special setting for my engagement ring which came out great. I was surprised with the reasonable price they gave me too. I figured custom work would cost a lot more. You work directly with the jeweler that will be working on your ring to ensure it is what you want. Steve was the jeweler who worked on our custom ring. He was very professional and did an excellent job. He continues to be very helpful when we take the ring in to be cleaned and checked. I would highly recommend using Oliver versus another jewelry store where you will purchase a generic ring that is mass produced.. :) "

- Tim B.