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8787 North Scottsdale Road Suite 116
Scottsdale, AZ, 85253
United States


Elegant shop offering house-designed, one-of-a-kind gemstone and diamond jewelry, plus timepieces.


Oliver's watch and jewlery blog with the latest news and thoughts on the happenings in the industry, new products and more. 

Thoughts from the Desk of Oliver Smith May 2019

Nikki Ollive


This is my 38th year in business. When I first started I worked out of a backpack. That was my office or store front. In 1985 I opened my store in Scottsdale.  550 square feet, and plenty of room! Ha! My clients came from word of mouth, we were all moving to Scottsdale.  


Driving home this week I saw a car on the side of the road with a flat tire. Someone was helping. It reminded me of a simple lesson I learned years ago. The tiniest act of civility can go a long way in your success. Our Mayor at the time was Herb Drinkwater. Herb was famous for his quick smile and his listening skills. During his term he would always stop and help people who were broken down on the side of the road. Never telling them who he was, just trying to help a fellow citizen. When they found out he was the Mayor, they probably told 20 of their friends. He just kept getting reelected. This act of charity exemplified his character. This is the character of a WORLD CLASS mayor! Small acts of kindness go a long way.  

Great ski season in the Rockies this year.  I got 19 days in, a personal best. Only one serious faceplant.

Business has been steady. Two things are exploding, estate jewelry and estate watches.  People want to trade in for new. Why not? They have been doing that in the automobile business forever. If you would like me to look at your jewelry and give you a quote, call us at 480-607-4444 and ask for Jodie to get on my schedule. Or for watches, ask for George Reid. Or just bring your pieces and stop by during business hours.  


Home inventory is down. Nobody would have predicted that two years ago. Everyone said we would be going into a recession right now. Check out the new Shea Homes community at the Ritz Carlton site near Lincoln and Scottsdale road.  

My shopping center is for sale.  It is owned by a R.E.I.T. in Iowa. We need a local landlord that understands this market. Know someone? 

Corinne rescued a dog last year. She's a hound, with a copper circle on her side that looks like a Penny. She's not taking over Stephanie's job but she has been a great social media model for us! When she grows out of her teenage years I'm hoping she becomes the shop dog.


Two first time teams in the final four. Basketball has gotten so big these guys know that it is a way to go from no money to a lot of money fast, it's a great job!  (Only if you are 6' 7'' at least). In the Pac-12, shout out to Tripp's team, the Oregon Ducks, mopping up the Pac-12 Championship and making it to the 3rd round of March Madness! Sun Devils played well too and would have won the Pac-12 but missed a shot at the buzzer. Two of my favorite teams playing well. 

Panerai announced a new submersible series.Check out our in stock pieces here! The Aspen boutique has been open for exactly one year.  Happy to be partnered with a brand that is doing so well. Design, pricing, craftsmanship, professionalism, and the new management team is fantastic. 


If you are looking for a boutique only Panerai email

Surprise of the season: A. Lange sales.  People are starting to realize that A. Lange & Söhne makes an incredible timepiece. The clean lines and classic design will remain current for generations to come. 


Spring training was great this year although a week earlier. Not my favorite move, does the regular season really have to be soooo long? 

Diamond prices are holding steady. Still down from 2012, but slowly creeping back up. Gold is still high at $1300/ounce, and platinum is historically cheap at $900/ounce.  

Have a great weekend everyone!


Thoughts from the Desk of Oliver Smith October 2018

Nikki Ollive


This month marks my 6th Anniversary carrying Richard Mille watches. An amazing manufacture of precision timepieces. Check out their beautiful website at
The store remodel is finished. We were able to move things around to create better seating areas and freshen up the look. A big thanks to Veronique for her eye, and Jodie for running the logistics! 

seating area .jpeg

The estate department is really growing. George is doing a great job with the watches. We can purchase one or one hundred watches. I'm interested in your jewelry and diamonds too. Gold is still high at $1200/ounce. 


John McCain's passing was time to reflect on the character of men. It was nice to see someone get recognized for their civility.  
LeBron coming to the west coast is really going to make the Lakers impossible this year. Not that he really plays until April....  
Stephanie has been my model for the past five years, and Veronique and Nikki did a great job working with her to create this year's winter campaign. Here is a fantastic new picture you will see soon in a publication. 


If you signed a guy to a one year contract (Sam Bradford) to be your quarterback, paying him $20M for just one year with $15M guaranteed, it looks like you really are trying to make a successful team right? But then he loses the first three games and you pull you look like an idiot for paying him that much. It's a fickle game.  
Zero leadership at the City of Scottsdale right now. A few quick reasons...

Someone needs to come out and champion a $15M Desert Discovery Center, not $60M. The past bond elections have been a failure due to lack of leadership, now they want to raise the sales tax to pay for roads and infrastructure, which is usually covered by the property taxes (hence bond election), dumb idea. Sales tax increase will fail.  
Pew research says that now 1 in 6 people are married to someone of a different race or ethnicity. Awesome to see growth in this area! 
Ben, my watchmaker, is finally getting the recognition inside the industry that he richly deserves. The guy is an amazing watchmaker!


Kriess, furniture store from California, reopened in our shopping center this week. 
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Have you seen our unboxing videos on YouTube
Cool new Kunzite pendent. We have so many new pieces...come check them out!


Save the date for the Holiday party at OSJ! - Friday November 16th.  

Save the date for Cars and Cigars - Sunday December 16th. 

If you haven't been in a bike shop lately you have to stop in. There are so many cool models for all kinds of terrain. Also, the Tour de Scottsdale is this Sunday, the 7th of October. 
The new Due Panerai in 38mm makes a great gift idea for our female customers. Hint hint!


Watch Words May 2018

Nikki Ollive

Hello fellow watch lovers and welcome to the latest installment of Watch Words!

In this installment we are introducing the new Polaris collection from Jaeger-LeCoultre! The watches have landed in store, and if you were enchanted by this vintage homage in photos, prepare to have your heart stolen when you see these in person. The styling is reminiscent of vintage Jaeger models but with a modern flair. This is exemplified in the alternating brushed and grained finishes given to the rotating inner bezel and dial. A truly stunning detail. A standout in the lineup, the Polaris Memovox is a beautiful modern rendition of a classic dive watch. The angled indices are now an applied affair, finished in a perfect (you know what I mean) faux patina luminescence. These 50th anniversary tribute pieces are a perfect sport extension to the JLC lineup. Think less aggressive Master Compressor meets Master Control. This is a wonderfully restrained and beautiful watch, which will fit perfectly in any collection. I can't wait for you all to see it!



George Reid


Thoughts from the Desk of Oliver Smith April 2018

Nikki Ollive


Happy Spring!

This past week Sprouts opened in our shopping center. We are very excited to have the pull of an anchor neighbor. Actually this is the first time we have been in a shopping center with an anchor for 35 years. Scottsdale is in another growth mode. The cycle continues! Please continue to support your local neighborhood stores and all they have to offer.

Many brands are starting to roll out boutiques. In the jewelry business this is a store that only sells one brand. This week I took over the Panerai Boutique in Aspen. For a life long skier this was a big day! Panerai and Oliver Smith have been great partners since the brand was introduced to the US in 1998. The boutique is in a beautiful building in the main shopping area. If you visit Aspen you have to come to the boutique and hangout on the 2nd floor, the view of Aspen mountain is incredible!



Our store remodel is underway in Scottsdale. We will be adding bigger spaces for our brands, like this new Jaeger-LeCoultre case, and more seating for our clients.  

JLC Case .jpeg

Congratulations to Villanova for running the table in NCAA basketball! Those Catholics were never known for Bball when I grew up back in Philly. I do remember when they discontinued their football program in late 1970's, freshman Howie Long had to transfer to keep playing. 

25% of malls in US will close in 5 years, malls grew at twice the rate of the population from 1970-2015, according to Credit Suisse. 

How about all the 'for rent' bicycles in town. The city needs to study the best options to store the bikes as they are scattered all over town. As a cyclist, I never thought I would say they are an eye sore, but they are! Great idea, and I love to see people riding them, but it's out of control. 

Read a great book the other day, Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover. Also have been enjoyingThe Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson. The guy makes some important points! 

I sketched about 75 new designs and have put them into production this past quarter. Looking forward to showing you some of my new jewelry!  

Dad sketching .jpeg

Congratulations to the SUSD Robotics Team as they head to the World Championships with the help of the Scottsdale Charros. 

Congratulations to Charro Jeff Meyer, the Chairman of Cactus League, for another successful season, Scottsdale people giving back! 

Watch Words December 2017

Nikki Ollive

Watch Words  - December 2017 



IWC Mark XVIII Heritage

We are happy to welcome to Oliver Smith the newest Pilot's watch design from the quintessential maker of pilot's watches, IWC. The Mark XVIII Heritage is the latest of several designs by IWC paying homage to their history as a military watch manufacturer. The 'faux vintage' trend has spread across several brands, and has received polarized reactions. I find myself always drawn to vintage, and many vintage styled pieces; but many ask why pay more for a vintage looking watch when you can have a vintage watch for less? They criticize poorly  executed 'vintage' design elements that come across as kitsch or almost cartoony. For those who are skeptical of vintage styled watches, the Mark XIII will be the watch that changes your mind. Unlike some of the competitors, which create a vintage look with faux bleached dials or forced patinas, IWC gives this watch a 'like new' vintage feel. The dial is the same black seen on other watches in their collection, but the lume is switched from a bright white to a beige color.  This lume in conjunction with the blued steel hands is a sight to behold!  The case itself has also been modernized. It is rendered in a sandblasted titanium, which in combination with the dial elements, serves to give a similar visual to the patina; without feeling dirty or forced. For me, this watch is in perfect balance. A great size, and  a look that brings a vintage feeling without feeling like a prop from a B-movie! Oh, and at a great price point of $4,150.



Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Chronograph Sector

Continuing with my obsession for pieces that have a vintage flair, we have the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Chronograph Sector Dial. Jaeger, as with everything they do, has taken a much more reserved approach to creating a vintage styled watch. They brought back a sector style dial layout for it's Master Control series. The sector dial refers to the very precise sets of markings on the dial of the watch that break time out into 'sectors.' This dial style has roots in military officer's watches and was popular for scientific use due to its precise legibility. This watch is truly stunning on the wrist. The high polished case contrast beautifully with the silvered, multi-finish dial. The dial's finishes combine to give a depth to the dial, while the tachymeter scale and blued steel hands add the perfect pop of color. Blue has been a popular color for watches the past few years, and this combination manages to make this watch feel like a 'blue watch' without having a blue dial. While not heavily advertised, this year marks the 25th anniversary of the Master Control collection, and the Master Control Chronograph Sector, as well as two other sector dial pieces, will only see a one year production.



A. Lange & Söhne Datograph

The newest brand here at Oliver Smith, and a personal favorite, we are proud to be carrying  A. Lange & Söhne. For those who don't know, this Germany brand is known for its functional beauty and movement finishing that rivals the finest timepieces on the planet! One of the jewels of the collection is the Datograph, a watch whose movement has been called "The best finished, serially produced, chronograph in the world!" by none other than Philippe Dufour (maybe the greatest living watchmaker on the planet -next to our own Ben Lam of course!).  The beauty, functionality and rarity of this piece are hard to quantify.  We have the piece on hand.  Please stop in when you can and get the live show on this one.  It's worth the trip!


OSJ chopard watch.jpg

Estate Oliver Smith Edition Chopard

Last but certainly not least we currently have, gracing the estate case, a very special piece to all of us at Oliver Smith Jeweler. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Oliver Smith Jeweler, Oliver partnered with Chopard to create a special watch, available in a very Limited Edition of 30 pieces. The Mille Miglia GT XL Chronograph base design was reimagined in Oliver's signature silver (or in this case stainless steel) and brown accents. This piece features handsome rose gold detailing on the chronograph registers  and his OSJ logo on the exhibition caseback. To help bring this watch to life Chopard shut down all other production to focus on these 30 watches. This watch sold out quickly, and this is the first time we have seen one come up on the estate market. This is a rare opportunity to get ahold of an amazing design in a very limited edition from a great watch brand.

   That's it for now from Oliver Smith's world of watches.  On a personal note, thank you to everyone who helped make my first six months here at OSJ, some of the best in my 30 year (yikes!) career!  For myself and the whole Oliver Smith family, I would like to wish you all a very safe and happy holiday season, and look forward to seeing you soon!


George Reid

Thoughts from the Desk of Oliver Smith December 2017

Nikki Ollive


Happy Holidays!

As you know I have been fortunate to go to my in-laws place every summer in Carpenteria, below Santa Barbara. The Thomas fire came pretty close to their property but they were spared. It's remarkable to think of the devastation a wildfire can cause. I'm sure many of you have been effected at one time or another by all manners of life's trials and tribulations. The holidays are a time where we can count our many blessings. I have been very blessed and I want to thank everyone for your continual support. 

What are you doing Sunday the 17th?  Come to our 14th Annual Cars and Cigars! 


Stop by from 12pm - 4pm for some BBQ and listen to the Herndon Brothers band from Handlebar J's...while you are cruising the cases for that stocking stuffer of course!

Drive your collectible car too, and see all the other amazing vehicles!

Love to see ASU Bball knocking off #2 Kansas this week. The Bobby Hurley influence is the real deal. Will the Herm Edwards hire succeed too? Hope so...


We are excited to introduce Ryan Belton to our staff. Ryan is a hometown product that grew up in Scottsdale and has been groomed by Tourneau over the past few years. Now he can add diamonds and OSJ jewelry to his knowledge base. He's already sick of hearing 'Is Oliver here?' LOL. Come by and introduce yourself. 

Gold has been hovering at $1250 for most of this year. 

Congratulations to Steve Walker for 10 years of service in the repair and manufacturing department at OSJ. Here he is getting a watch from OSJ. Dilly Dilly! 


Diamond prices have gone down for the past 3 years but now seem to be holding steady. Time to buy?! 

The last 6 months have been great for sales in the store. People are feeling better and buying things. 

Plenty of work still to be done on the old Scottsdale jean space in the center of our building .... a grocery store is set to open in March. I'm not allowed to say who, but it rhymes with pouts. 

Don't forget you can shop OSJ online at any time! 

Have a Happy New Year!

Oliver Smith